Stylite EPS Cavity Wall Insulation (Full/Partial Fill)

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SPI Stylite Full & Partial Fill Cavity Insulation Boards are typically 1200mm x 450mm. They are available as an interlocking profile (Full Fill), or as a square edge panel (Partial Fill). The boards are designed for use within new masonry wall constructions to satisfy the relevant U-Value requirements.
Available in various thicknesses, Stylite Cavity Insulation is manufactured from Plustherm low lambda polystyrene, achieving a thermal conductivity of 0.030W/mK. This allows for a 20% reduction in thickness against standard white EPS and is also a far more cost effective alternative to PIR/PU and other wall insulations. Our Sales Team will be happy to provide you with U-value calculations based on your specific wall configuration. For more information on this product, please contact our sales team on 01274 691 777.


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