Stylite Plustherm Enhanced EPS Insulation

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SPI Stylite Plustherm is expanded polystyrene (EPS) containing graphite, which considerably increases insulation performance. The improved thermal performance of Plustherm (0.030 W/mk) allows for a 20% reduction in thickness against standard white EPS and is also a far more cost effective alternative to PIR/PU and extruded insulations.
SPI Plustherm insulation can be used in a wide variety applications, both domestic and industrial, to satisfy and improve upon the current building regulations and U-value requirements.
The insulation boards are extremely easy to install and are available in range of grades and sizes to suit your individual requirements.
We can provide you with a free consultation, including U-value calculations to suit your specific requirements.
For more information on this product, please contact our Sales Team on 01274 691 777.


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Stylite T-beam
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